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Silent Auction: June 9th, 2013 10-12pm  
in conjunction with 5K Run by Fit Studio 28 
5k Run Registration Opens at 7am, Race starts at 9am
Location: P. Brent Trottier Middle School, 
49 Parkerville Rd, Southborough, MA 01772
Art on Wheels: Birthday Party, Home School and Scout Troop Activities

Do a paint party with us! It can be either at our studio or at the location of your choice; we will come to you with art supplies and have loads of fun!!!
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BCA Special program features Art on Wheels!
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My Sister | Marker on Cardboard by Acacia 
We have made beautiful snowflakes today at the Southborough Public Library! Thanks to all the participants. 12/29/2012

  These snowflakes were made by approximately 55 children and adults of Southborough in response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. The Connecticut PTSA was looking for handmade snowflakes to decorate the students' new school in Monroe, CT when they returned to class in January. In late December, Bigelow Center for the Arts, in conjunction with the Southborough Library, held a snowflake-making workshop during which over 100 snowflakes were created. In addition, families made snowflakes at home and dropped them off at either the Bigelow Center or the Library, so many snowflakes were collected.

  However, immediately after the snowflake workshop was held, the PTSA stopped the project, after being overwhelmed with snowflake donations coming in from all over the country, and Southborough's snowflakes were left needing a home. Fortunately, they have found several homes throughout the local area, and can be viewed at the Stop and Shop in Westborough, Acacia Functions in Westborough, and the Realty Direct MetroWest Office. All are handmade, and just like actual snowflakes, each one is unique.
Kim Ivers, Children's Librarian, Southborough Library, Southborough, MA 01772

When I heard about the bombs going off at the Boston Marathon, I was devastated. I immediately thought about how terrible the world has become, and I asked myself, 'where was the love?' I realize now that all the love and support was there to help those in need. That is what my mural is portraying; not the horrifying trauma, or the news, or anything like that. My mural is showing the love and trust that many gave to the victims, and that love and trust is all we need in this world to heal it. Avery M. 
Special thanks to Lainey Martin making cupcakes and banana bread for the Bake Sale!
Murals that created by the communities will be auctioned off to benefit the One Fund Boston on June 9th.2013 at Trottier School in Southborough.
Sponsored by Southborough Recreation, 
Rogaris Law Office, Home Depot, and Bigelow Center for the Arts 
Special thanks to Pat Walker at Danforth Museum of Art, Martha Bachman at Trottier Middle School, 
Maureen Boush, Lainey Martin and all the people who came and helped to paint the murals. 

A big THANK YOU for the people who participated the silent auction and congratulations to all the winners!  You have gotten a great painting and a great cause for the One Fund!  Enjoy the paintings!!!
Look what we did in Summer 2016! 
Marin F. 
Look what we did in Summer 2017!